pRAISE was birthed in 2013 after owner and founder, Alma Greene, experienced a divinely inspired dream. Alma was yearning for vision and purpose, as she was severely unfulfilled in her corporate job. She knew she had more to offer God's kingdom. She knew she wanted her work to be her worship. God blessed Alma with a concept for her first collection, consisting of 9 faith-based designs, reminiscent of some of her favorite luxury fashion brands. She confidently stepped out on faith, left her job, and launched pRAISE. With God's favor, the brand reached celebrity and international attention. More importantly, pRAISE became a fashion ministry. Connecting with brothers and sisters in Christ was invaluable to Alma. 

In 2016, pRAISE went through a hiatus. God called Alma in a different direction-- and it was across the world-- in Seoul, a very metropolitan city in South Korea. She was offered an opportunity to teach English to Kindergartners for a year. This time was immensely growth-filled. Her faith was stretched like never before because God was the only One she could rely on (she didn't know a single soul in Seoul). What was additionally challenging was Alma and her long time boyfriend, Maurice, became engaged just one week before her departure. It was not easy to leave her fiance, but she knew she was following God's plan. This time served as a preparation period for both Alma and Maurice. Individually, they dug their roots deeper into God; it was a consecration period. When Alma returned to the States in 2017, the two planned a stunning wedding and got married later that year.  

In 2019, Alma gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named, Rozen ("leader" in Hebrew) Manuel (God with us). Becoming a mother has been the most transformative experience of Alma's life. Although the transition brought some unique challenges, it mostly brought Alma renewed vision and purpose for her life. In 2020, God made it clear that she was ready to resume fusing her creative gifts with her faith. It was time for pRAISE to be rebirthed and to continue to be a blessing in the fashion realm.